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Ken Hori - Ken Hori, Principal

Mr. Ken Hori has more than 25 years of international trade, retail sales, finance/accounting experience in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and the other South East Asia. Mr. Hori spent 10 years with Japan’s major trade and investment house, Nissho Iwai Corporation. Mr. Hori is fluent in Japanese, English and Indonesian. He holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from Chuo University (1992) and completed BIPA course in University of Indonesia (1998).



Since we started the business in 2002, we have always been approaching to have long-lasting relationship with the customers by listening to their needs in cars and transportation.

Transportation is the backbone of an organization, therefore it is critical to have the right solutions in place and minimize the risks.

Mobirent is a full-service car rental company offering more than just a car rental service, but flexible financial solutions that allow organizations to cut costs by optimizing the use of its transportation.

Even in today’s IoT innovated “Mobility Service” environment, we believe that businesses still need partners who understand the importance of providing a flexible and personal solution.

The largest and most financially strong companies in the country today take advantage of our services for many reasons including lower total cost of operation, greater operation efficiencies and protection against changing business needs.

Mobirent is here to help your business and discover how you can manage problems in your transportation and provide superior performance.

  1. Front, Left to Right
  2. Back, Left to Right
  3. Henry Affandy
    President Director

  4. Rahman Wiharjo
    Finance / Accounting GM

  5. Ken Hori

  6. Eng Guan


  8. Edra Wong

ジャカルタ市内にお勤めの皆様及びそ のご家族のお手伝いを主にさせて頂い ております。 女性ならではのきめ細かさ、お客様の 目線に立ったサービスをモットーに、 皆様のジャカルタでの生活が より快適になるようサポート致します。 お困りごとがあればいつでもご相談く ださいませ。

久下 絹子
(Kinuko Kuge)

チカラン支店長を務めております。 パティンバン新港に至る広範な 東ジャカルタ地域、工業団地の皆様 へ地域密着型サービスを目指します。 短期レンタルユニット・リーダーも 兼務しており、日本あるいはアセアン 各地域からの急なご出張にも柔軟に 対応させて頂きます。

佐藤 晋一
(Shinichi Sato)


Units Fleet in Service


Coorporate Customers


Trained Drivers


PT. Autorent Lancar Sejahtera (MOBIRENT)
17 September 2002

Henry Affandy / President Director
Ken Hori / Principal

Head Office
Jl. Bojong Raya Blok B No.122
Lingkar Luar Barat Jakarta 11740

Rp 12 billion

200(as per September 2019)

Business outline
Car Rental

Cikarang , Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Balikpapan, Sangatta

Cooperate Workshops
Toyota, Daihatsu, Honda, Suzuki and Mitsubishi throughout Indonesia

MOBIRENT Partner Company
  1. PT SUMBER ABADI KARYA (outsourcing driver)
  2. PT JASA ANUGERAH (outsourcing driver)
  3. PT. J Autotrade (spare part supplier)
  4. PT. Panca Jaya (body repair workshop)
  5. PT. Mobilindo Lestari (used car dealer)

Tell us what you need, like having a personal assistant.
Our experienced Japan Desk and friendly Customer Service Officer are always working together to assist You with a personal touch of service.

Just call us... +6221 5835 3999

Our Branches

In order to bring our services closer to Your businesses, we are operating 7 branches and co-working with Authorized Dealers of Toyota, Daihatsu and Mitsubishi throughout the whole of Indonesia. Cikarang Office has been opened since August 2017 to support frequent business travelers.

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