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OUR Vehicle Rental Service Solution
to Meet
Your Needs
Rent-A-Car as Core Service
1 to 5 years period rental with brand new car and monthly period rental with used car are customer’s preference. Contact may be renewed on a yearly/monthly basis. Our service includes maintenance, towing and brake down service, replacement car and insurance. You can outsource all the matter about transportation.

For large-scale factory or logistic businesses, we are capable of serving them with a fleet that ranges from aluminum box truck, blind van to small bus for employee’s transportation.
Well-Trained Drivers with a Friendly Service
Excellent and professional drivers contribute the safety and comfort of our valuable customers. That is why we give emphasis to extensive driver training sessions, which includes refreshment, discipline and coordination trainings. Only qualified drivers are eligible to serve the customers.
Not Just Car Rental...
We are Offering You an Easy Trade-in
It’s a free car appraisal. Our Appraiser will visit the customer’s place either office or home 7 days a week at the customer’s discretion. You will receive a fair and advantageous judgment from expert. For expatriates who are leaving the country, arrangement can be made for them to use the car until the departure day.
Unique Rental-Back Program with Multiple Advantages
Don’t let your company car problems ride on you. Simply by selling your vehicles asset to us, and you will benefit from capital gains and cash inflow. By combining appropriate budget new cars and rental back units, your profit/loss and flexibility in meeting the business environment is bound to improve. What’s more is that we can take care of your drivers by offering job opportunities.
Tell us what you need, like having a personal assistant.
Our experienced Japan Desk and friendly Customer Service Officer are always working together to assist You with a personal touch of service.

Just call us... +6221 5835 3999

To ensure all MOBIRENT Service and Maintenance for vehicle rental function effectively in
the long run, we also offer the following Maintenance and Service Points with local
partners in all over Indonesia.


All inclusive service facilities; maintenance and administrative matters

Nationwide service

24/7 Emergency call (+62 812 9421 4745)

Well-experienced Japan Desk


Wide range of fleets

Replacement car, Towing and breakdown service

Free car appraisal

Well-trained driver

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